Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012


sitting by the window
2 AM, 11th floor
the city never sleeps
no silence, no darkness
violet sky, glowing night

walking at night
23rd street, chelsea hotel
i wanna live in 1968
1973, 76, 77
we’re poets, we’re artists, we’re everything at once

lets get destroyed by madness
lets get destroyed by the city life
coffee, cigarettes, whiskey and coke
burroughs, ginsberg, kerouac, holy
jim carroll, poetry and rock’n’roll

lou reed, andy warhol, edie sedgwick
glamour, glitter, blood & dirt
love, success and desperation
hey honey, take a walk on the wild side
and that’s what we do

we’re lovers, we don’t need a home
let’s sleep in central park
benches, squirrels, mad hatter statue
you’re mad, too. and so am i
and so is the city

the most beautiful things in the world?
open windows, sound of cars rushing by at night
citylights. people. the new york night.
keep me here, city lights
i don’t wanna leave, never wanna leave

thousands of people
rich people poor people everybody’s here
we’re all the same, in a way
aren’t we?

breathing in the new york air
glitter, pollution and freedom
and the lights, always the lights
keep me here, city lights
i don’t wanna leave, never wanna leave
                                                                      poppy lee jones, new york '11

just something I wrote while sitting on the windowsill in a hotel room in brooklyn, nyc.
the photo was also taken from that hotel room.