hi, i'm poppy

i'm a 19 year old procrastinator, lover of books and foreign countries. there's so much i could write and to be honest, i'm always at a loss writing texts like this one, but i decided to give my blog a little makeover. when i read blogs i always love to know who's the person behind them, so i thought a little text about myself might be a nice idea. i'll give my best.

i live in a one-room-flat in hanover, germany and currently i'm working on my art and planning on writing a novel... next year i want to study fashion design.

call me shallow, but i love fashion. i love glitter, i love pretty clothes and nails, i love make up, i love jewellery. i love piercings and tattoos. to me, these things matter. like art, they are - practically - completely unnecessary and sometimes even inconvenient. but they make life just a little bit nicer, and that's what makes them important. fashion can be used to express yourself, and that's exactly what i think it's there for. i love seeing a person in nice clothes, and absolutely owning the outfit. it's one of the things that make everyday life just a little more interesting, a little more pleasurable.

that pretty much applies to all the things i do. writing, playing music, painting, making collages. i will never be of any real use to this world. but maybe, just maybe, some of the things i create make somebody's life just a little bit more interesting, more pleasurable.
and apart from that, it's the only thing i'm kind of good at anyway, so what can i do?

so, having said that, i hope you enjoy reading my blog!


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