Dienstag, 10. September 2013

north london trash

hello people (:

as you may have noticed, the title of this post isn't a song lyric but the title of a song but whatever... this is one of the songs i've been loving for years, razorlight's one of my all time favourite bands. i don't listen to their albums like every day but they're just one of those bands that i already loved in 2008 and that definitely play a part in who i became over the years... this sounds really weird, i hope you get what a mean, haha. the kooks are also one of these bands. i was very much into britpop back then. i still am, too.
do you have any bands that you have been listening to for years and still love and that somehow helped shaping your style or even your personality? i genuinely hope you get what i mean because otherwise this must sound really whacky, haha.


anyway, let's come to the outfit. these photos were taken last year but it's something i would still wear so who cares. i still have lots of older photos because i haven't been posting much over the last year... so here they are, finally!
and i always feel a bit weird wearing pink lipstick but sometimes i do it anyway, don't ask me why. 


earrings - accessorize / denim shirt - levi's/thrifted / the big apple shirt - urban outfitters / velvet leggings - h&m (children's section) / boots - doc martens


Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

now we're just outside of town, and you're making your way down


and for good this time. seriously. you'll see. got loads of outfits to post and all.

so, let's start with this one, I've named it after 'sex' by the 1975 which is one of my current favourite songs, especially the acoustic version.


and here's the outfit! i'm not going to bore you with a long descrption, just something for the first days of autumn cause it's getting a bit chillier in germany and i fucking love autumn. 

earrings - accessorize / cardigan - h&m / top - mango / belt - thrifted / denim shorts - levi's/diy / shoes - dr martens / denim jacket - armani jeans/vintage