Montag, 25. Juni 2012

like some childish demon who keeps insects on a string

the title is a line from famine affair by of montreal, I love the song!

my mum got me this see through bag, I don't even know where she got it but I absolutely love it!
the shades are transparent as well, I got them at some trashy street shop in new york city. I think they're amazing since they're cat eye shades (I've wanted cat eye shades for ages) and they're pink and see through which makes them kinda trashy and grungy. yay!
the shirt is from some beatles shop in liverpool, I just have to go all the beatles shops every time I'm in liverpool because I love the beatles! :) 

if you like the outfit, a HYPE would be amazing (as always)! :)

shades - a.j. morgan
shirt - beatles gift shop
belt - thrifted
jeans shorts - levi's + diy
see through bag - my mum got it for me, probably thrifted as well
converses - second hand (my mum wore them like 15 years ago)


Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

roller coaster favourite ride, let me kiss you one last time

I'm totally obsessed with blink 182 at the moment, and I looove this song!
I'm going to see them at the hurricane festival next week, and then at a concert in berlin the week after that, eeek! will be sooo amazing!

the photos were also taken in berlin, when I was there to see a gerhard richter exhibition with my mum. the exhibition was really cool, amazing paintings!

floral crop top - primark
belt - hrifted
jeans shorts - levi's + diy
fishnets - afflecks
chucks - converse

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

what's a kid like me even got to lose?

I'm totally obsessed with band of skulls at the moment.. they're so amazing! can't wait to see them at the hurricane festival this month!

I'm wearing my new top in these photos, I love it so much because it's floral but still doesn't look all girly and stuff.. I don't really know what more there is to say about this, I just hope you like it!
and if you do, a HYPE would make me happy of course :3

floral top: topshop
skull necklace: american eagle/men's section, the other necklace is my mum's
belt: thrifted
jeans shorts: levi's + diy 
fishnets: afflecks palace (manchester)
boots: doc martens