Montag, 24. September 2012

all i can say is that my life is pretty plain

hi hello beautiful people!

next africa post (i have about 2 or 3 more i think)!
the title of this is a line from this song:

blind melon have been one of my favourite bands for like four year now, shannon wrote the most amazing lyrics and had such a beautiful voice!

the photos were taken in sodwana bay, we stayed there for a weekend and i loved it! such an amazing place with lots of cool people and all. i didn't go surfing or diving though because it was pretty cold and i'm more of a lazy person anyway so i just lay on the beach and read a book, haha. we had actually planned on doing a whale watching tour but the sea was too rough to go out which was a pity. i saw some whales from the beach though, pretty far away obviously.

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sunnies - ray ban
plaid shirt - h&m (men's section)
the black crowes shirt - second hand (was a present)
flower belt - second hand (got it from mum)
suede skirt - pimkie
sandals - vagabond


Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

till i lose my sense of gravity


here's another one of my africa looks, named after an absolutely awesome song by one of my favourite artists/musicians

i adore patti smith's music, her style and her amazing lyrics and poems. she's such a beautiful woman and a great rolemodel!
let alone her autobiography just kids which i have read 4 times and will never get tired of!

when i found this shirt in h&m i was happy and kinda annoyed at the same time. it think it's really cool but i've told you about my attitude towards h&m band shirts before.. soon half of your school will be wearing them without even knowing/listening to the band. but still i thought if ANYONE at my school should be wearing this it's me, haha. i have two other patti smith shirts (both bought at her show in berlin in 2010) and i hate admitting it but i think i like the h&m one the best!

patti smith shirt - h&m
leather belt - my mum's
jeans shorts - levi's + diy
sandals - vagabond 


Freitag, 14. September 2012

out of africa

hallo everybody! (i was going to write something in afrikaans and apparently this happens to be the word for hello, funnily afrikaans is very much like german)

here's the second one of my africa outfits, it's pretty simple but i like it. the title's not a song but a movie this time, if you don't know it yet you should really watch it, i think it's lovely!


oh and if you want to listen to some good music then listen to this! love this song at the moment, i saw frank turner at the hurricane festival and he was amazing! 

whatever. here's the photos! i've had that dress for ages and i still love it! wearing it i feel like a real lady, haha! anyway i always dress it down with vans shoes or boots because i don't want to look too girly. i got these shoes from my little sister jackie because she's is taller than me (yes, life's a bitch) and so i can wear lots of the clothes and shoes that don't fit her anymore which is actually pretty cool.
i've featured the first photo before, haven't i? whatever, i think it fits and it's SO CUTE isn't it!? it's rachel and her daughter jambulani (which is the afrikaans word for happiness)!

don't forget to HYPE if you like it!

dress - h&m 
faux snake skin belt - thrifted 
shoes - vans 

totsiens (maybe i should actually learn afrikaans, hehe)! 

Freitag, 7. September 2012


hello beautiful people!

here i go with another non-fashion post, i hope i'm not boring you too much with my private life, haha!
but some people have been asking me for photos of my south africa trip and of course i would love to share them with you since it was an amazing experience and i think i took some pretty cool photos :)

 the original lovecats!
 the indian ocean, sodwana bay
 one more cup of coffee for the road, haha. having a coffee to go at a petrol station
 view from our first apartment
 kruger park

 my sister and me

found this in my room in the second b&b
 the breakfast table in the same b&b (unfortunately i took the photo after breakfast, would have looked nicer with all the food instead of dirty dishes.. whatever)
 reading pet sematary, gotta love stephen king!
 aaand my beloved nintendo advance sp
 rachel & jambulani
 jambulani's dad, rambo
 our tree house in the bonamanzi game reserve
 well, a cactus. yeah.
 isn't this just adorable!?
 me and my sister sitting by the camp fire playing the guitar and singing
 bbq (braai)
 isn't this pretty?
 cutest thing on earth!

 no matter where i am, i'm always going to find cats and pet them!

 sneaky monkey stole our cocoa!

 uhm yeah.. just me radomly stroking a cheetah's head. no big deal.
 and me on the beach (sodwana bay)
 what a lovely breakfast (grilled sandwiches with cheese and tomato and chips)

 i don't really like this photo too much but it's me and a snake and therefore it's awesome. this has always been a big dream of mine, i've always loved snakes and they fascinate me so much and bla and now this dream finally came true so i just had to post this!


well yeah, i hope you liked the photos and i didn't bore you too much and all!

so long!