Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

good times never seemed so good

hey ho (:

i just found these photos on my laptop, i'd completely forgotten about them... this was about two years ago but it's something i would still wear so i'll finally post them, haha.

the title's fromneil diamond's sweet caroline. i named the folder with the photos "good times never seemed so good" two years ago, i was totally obsessed with 60s music back then. i still listen to it though, just not as much.

and (as always) if you like the look, i'd highly appreciate a hype on lookbook! :)


blouse - primark
belt - thrifted (oxfam)
shorts - levi's/diy/thrifted
stockings - h&m
wedges - vagabond


Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

merry fucking christmas, suckers!

what can i say, (*noddy holder voice*) IT'S CHRIIIISTMAS which means there finally is some time to write another blogpost. sorry, sorry, sorry for the hiatus, i'm a terrible blogger and i won't even promise to improve that anymore but I TRY!
anyway. i have loads of photos that i haven't posted yet and most of them are pretty old but i'll post them anyway. i thought this would suit the occasion because of the snow and everything. it was last year, obviously because we're not having a white christmas this year, but nevermind.

merry christmas everyone!

oh and hype me on lookbook. please. haha



shirt - gift (i.e. second hand)
denim jacket - armani jeans/gift from my mum (i.e. second hand)
belt - i don't even know where i got this, was a gift from my granny i think, i.e. - guess what - second hand
shorts - levi's/diy/thrifted
shoes - dr martens