Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

she's a lover baby and a fighter

sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately! I've been pretty busy with exams and all, but I'm almost done now. I've also been working quite a lot on my other blog lately, designing clothes and furnishings and stuff like that. I'm going to upload photos of everything on beautiful garbage soon, but the blog is still not finished so maybe you just wait a week or two and have a look at it then, haha.

the title of this post is a line from dani california by rhcp, one of my favourite songs for the summer. it kind of inspired me to create this outfit. I told you about this shirt in my other post, it's from a coney island gift shop and I've cropped the sleeves and neckline of and dyed it black, I really love it! coney island always reminds me of my favourite book just kids by patti smith and the song coney island baby by lou reed, and the logo looks kind of retro-ish and a little scary, which I love!
the shorts might be called diy as well, because I cropped them (they used to be full length levi's pants that my mum got really cheap at a direct sale) and dyed them red. I love how the dying turned out, it's always a surprise what you get in the end.. in this case a good one! :)

 and this is the look! 
please check out and hype me on lookbook if you like my looks, I'd really appreciate it a lot!

sunglasses: american apparel
shirt: coney island gift shop + diy
belt: thrifted
shorts: levi's + diy
chucks: converse

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

won't you help me sing another song of freedom

one of the most beautiful songs ever

my mum bought me this skirt, and I loved it but thought it was a little too long for me, so I cropped it a little so my legs wouldn't look that short.. I don't know if that is really 'DIY', but anyway. the shirt used to be a yellow men's shirt I bought in a souvenier shop in coney island, I dyed it black and cropped the sleeves and the neckband off. this is deffo more of a DIY that the skirt, but still I'm not sure whether it's really DIY. who cares anyway, I love it.

coney island shirt: souvenier shop + diy
black leather belt: thrifted
suede skirt: pimkie + diy
denim jacket: abercrombie and fitch
skull chucks: converse
sunglasses: american apparel 
bracelets: thrifted

Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012


first of all... the title is a song lyric from ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE by bob dylan, unfortunately I can't find a video of it anywhere! but it's an amazing song, if you don't know it yet, it's really worth buying the cd (it's on the desire-lp, and noo, I'm not plugging anything!).

I was so happy to get this skirt from SUGARLIPS! they're a young california-based fashion label, visit their webside, they have loads of amazing clothes!

the shirt used to be a pretty large green men's shirt, so I just dyed it black and then cut the sleeves and the neckline off, I love it! I'm now thinking about doing that with all - well, at least most - of my men's shirts.

earrings: I am 
black crowes shirt: second hand + diy
belt: second hand 
skirt: sugarlips
boots: topshop