Freitag, 16. November 2012

don't take nothing with you but your soul


here's my second london-outfit and some pictures of the trip, hope you like them!

the title's from the ballad of john and yoko, amazing song!

 as always, if you like it, HYPE it! :)

plaid shirt - h&m men's section
david bowie tee - amplified / camden market
leather belt - used to be mum's, from america i think
levi's shorts - used to be my uncle's (when they weren't cropped), then my mum's    
leopard tights - topshop
boots - doc martens

seven sisters (where we stayed)

my beloved camden

my best friend stephie

shisha bar in camden
(was my first time and i found it pretty disgusting to be honest, haha)


random camden pictures


abbey road! we hadn't even planned on going there. we were on a bus and then we noticed the next station was abbey road so we decided to get off and act like real tourists :) 

 this was my birthday, is that an excuse for acting slightly weird? guess so.

 stephie gave me the mumford & sons record for my birthday, so amazing!
 so feminine.. who wants to be pretty if you can be a pirate!?

getting ready for a halloween party
(excuse the quality and everything else, i was already pretty drunk, haha)

 stephie and awesome guitars (the dave grohl signature right above her head! one of the most beautiful guitars ever)

 sushi! amazingly cheap in london, much cheaper that in germany so we had some like every other day

 lovely kitschy cakes in chinatown
  william and harry are having a bath

 cooking (we did couch surfing and this is where we stayed)
me and stephie in hyde park

fuck this was a long post.. sorry for that! 
hope you liked it anyways :) 


Samstag, 10. November 2012

i guess you're either heading somewhere or ending up somewhere


i'm back from london where i celebrated my 18th birthday with my best friend stephie - had a freakin' amazing week!
i am SO SORRY i still haven't done the giveaway, it's almost finished and it will be up next week. promise. really.

the title is from one of my favourite songs at the moment, listen to this!

we are augustines are so amazing, i can't believe i missed my chance to see them at the hurricane festival! i only found out about them after the festival.. and now i love them. same thing with la dispute, also one of my favourite bands at the moment.

have you ever missed an amazing band at a festival you've been to?

anyway, here's the photos!

i got the denim jacket for £25 in a thrift store in brighton, how awesome is that!? and i finally bought the doc martens i'd wanted for ages, aren't they gorgeous? i love them so much! 
if you like the outfit, please hype it! :) 

denim jacket - levi's (thrifted)
scarf - my mum's
belt - my mums
floral skirt - new look
plaid shirt - h&m (men's section)
tights - calzedonia 
shoes - doc martens (patent black)


Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

television man is crazy, saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks


i'm so sorry i haven't posted anything in ages AND still haven't put up the giveaway! i was so busy with school stuff i couldn't do anything else.. but today's the first day of the holidays so i will finish the giveaway today (it's sort of diy) and put it up very soon! promise (seriously, this time).

but for now here's some new photos (well they're not new actually, i think they were taken like 5 months ago but whatever).

the title's from this amazing song

 plaid shirt - abercrombie and fitch (men's section)
nyc shirt - thrifted 
leather belt - thrifted
jeans shorts - levi's + diy
fishnets - affleck's
chucks - converse 

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

les joies de la campagne - check out this awesome blog!

hello beautiful people!

sorry i haven't done the giveaway yet, it'll be on on wednesday, promise!
for now i would like to introduce you to two of my best friends, SHANNON and MATILDA!

they have just started a lifestyle blog with lots of beautiful photos, music, fashion and everything else that makes life sweet! it's definitely worth being checked out!