Sonntag, 12. August 2012

she's getting kicked out of school cause she's failing


this is what i wore when i saw blink 182 in berlin two months ago. or actually it's what i wore when i went shopping before the show, to the show i wore the same outfit but with fishnets and my cherry red doc martens.  blink were pretty awesome and my friend leila and i had a really good time!

 the title is a line from THE ROCK SHOW, one of my favourite blink-songs. which one is yours?

also, this is my last post before i'm going to south africa for 2 1/2 weeks, so please don't unfollow, hehe, i will be back soon! and i will probably take some pretty cool photos so stay updated!

 pink cat eye shades - a.j. morgan 
 bra - h&m (if you can see it anyway i might as well tag it)
coney island tank top - coney island gift shop 
bag - my mum got it from some thrift store, i think
leather belt - my mum's
jeans shorts - levi's + diy
chucks - converse 

see you soon! 

Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

i tried to make you see but don't wanna know

hello beautiful people and a happy international cat day!
(i should have thought of something cat-related for this post but i only had these photos left.. i'll see if i can at least find a photo of me and my cat, haha) 

whatever, here's another festival outfit! i didn't actually wear this to any festival though. it's just what i would call a festival outfit and if i go to any more festivals this year i'm probably going to wear this.

the title is a line from what became of the likely lads by the libertines, of course! one of the most amazing songs by one of the most amazing bands of all time, if you ask me. also, i love the video, it's so cute!

i'm wearing the top i've mentioned in THIS post, oh and i'm wearing it in THIS post, too. it's from the AFFLECK'S in manchester and i've cropped it. the shorts are diy-cropped and dyed as well, they're diesel and my mum got them at some outlet store. 
oh and i'm holding a canned beer because i was taking photos for a project in which i was supposed to represent germany so i thought beer was pretty german anyway and there's even a german flag on the can so yeah this is why i'm holding it, just in case you're wondering, haha. 

as always, if you like this look, a HYPE  would be sooo nice! i think lookbook changed something about the filter or so, since i get much less hypes.. and it's the same with my friend's lookbook accounts so i guess it's not just my looks not being as good as they used to, haha!
have you noticed that as well? or does anyone know anything about it?

earrings - i am 
pete doherty crop top - affleck's + diy
leather belt - my mum's 
jeans shorts - diesel + diy
boots - doc martens 

and as i promised, here's a picture of me and my cat, hehe! don't forget to listen to THIS today! 


ps.: me and my friends have just created a new tumblr, we post photos of cakes, muffins, cookies and just anything baking- and food related basically. a FOLLOW would be sooo amazing, we promise to always follow back!

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

dead end kids in the danger zone

the title's a line from dead end justice by the runaways which is probably my favourite runaways-song. their music, their looks, their attitude were just so amazing, i wish we had bands like them today, especially female bands.
i like the movie, too, i think kristen and dakota did an amazing job. it's a pity that you find a lot more of their versions of the runaways-songs than the originals on youtube though.
anyway, here's an original, so listen and enjoy :)

there's not much to say about the outfit.. i got the shirt for free because i bought a pair of jeans so it was something like a giveaway. and i've mentioned the shorts before in various posts, but i'll say it again: i've cropped and dyed them and i really love how the dying turned out!

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shirt - hilfiger denim
belt - my mum's (thrifted)
shorts - levi's + diy
floral tights - can't remember where i got them
chucks - converse