Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

good times never seemed so good

hey ho (:

i just found these photos on my laptop, i'd completely forgotten about them... this was about two years ago but it's something i would still wear so i'll finally post them, haha.

the title's fromneil diamond's sweet caroline. i named the folder with the photos "good times never seemed so good" two years ago, i was totally obsessed with 60s music back then. i still listen to it though, just not as much.

and (as always) if you like the look, i'd highly appreciate a hype on lookbook! :)


blouse - primark
belt - thrifted (oxfam)
shorts - levi's/diy/thrifted
stockings - h&m
wedges - vagabond


Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

merry fucking christmas, suckers!

what can i say, (*noddy holder voice*) IT'S CHRIIIISTMAS which means there finally is some time to write another blogpost. sorry, sorry, sorry for the hiatus, i'm a terrible blogger and i won't even promise to improve that anymore but I TRY!
anyway. i have loads of photos that i haven't posted yet and most of them are pretty old but i'll post them anyway. i thought this would suit the occasion because of the snow and everything. it was last year, obviously because we're not having a white christmas this year, but nevermind.

merry christmas everyone!

oh and hype me on lookbook. please. haha



shirt - gift (i.e. second hand)
denim jacket - armani jeans/gift from my mum (i.e. second hand)
belt - i don't even know where i got this, was a gift from my granny i think, i.e. - guess what - second hand
shorts - levi's/diy/thrifted
shoes - dr martens


Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

i'm miss androgyny, miss don't care what i've done to me

my favourite time of the year, i like halloween more than christmas, haha! and yeah, i'm a bit late with my halloween post, but here is finally is!

i have to admit that i didn't actually wear this outfit to a halloween party but for a dress up day at school though. and i wore it for the rest of the day too, actually it's something i would wear on a regular basis if it wasn't so much effort.
the title of course is from miss nothing by the pretty reckless, a band that i absolutely adore! 



earrings - accessorize
dress - h&m
sweat jacket - thrifted
denim jacket - levi's / thrifted
shoes - doc martens

what are you doing for halloween? have you got your costume yet?


Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

oh i'm in trouble again, aren't i?

hello beautiful people! (:

first of all, listen to some fetus arctic monkeys! i love the arctic monkeys, think they're amazing then and now but i have to admit that the debut album is still my favourite... and there's so many people who go 'i miss old, shy alex' and all, and even if i don't want to because you know, people change, blabla, i kinda feel like that too. i saw them play last year and this year and i have to say that i liked them much better last year. they're still great though, and maybe they just had a bad day or something, didn't quite feel like playing, i don't know. they're just people. so have i mentioned i still love them? haha. what do you think?

 the outfit's pretty simple, it's something i wear a lot except for the blouse because i'm usually more a t-shirt type... i got it from primark for like 10€ though, normally i wouldn't shop there because it's just the kind of shop that misleads you to buying stuff you don't actually wear just because everything's so cheap. also, i'd rather buy one good quality piece than 10 of poor quality that were probably produced by children in third world countries but enough of that, you get my point. i don't usually shop in stores like primark.
anyway, i was there with friends and i found this blouse like 2 years ago and i still really like it!
yeah the rest of the outfit's just... me, idk. the kind of stuff i always wear. 

if you like it, i'd appreciate a HYPE on LOOKBOOK :) 

blouse - primark 
belt - second hand
denim shorts - levi's / diy / second hand 
fishnets - affleck's 
chucks - converse 


Dienstag, 10. September 2013

north london trash

hello people (:

as you may have noticed, the title of this post isn't a song lyric but the title of a song but whatever... this is one of the songs i've been loving for years, razorlight's one of my all time favourite bands. i don't listen to their albums like every day but they're just one of those bands that i already loved in 2008 and that definitely play a part in who i became over the years... this sounds really weird, i hope you get what a mean, haha. the kooks are also one of these bands. i was very much into britpop back then. i still am, too.
do you have any bands that you have been listening to for years and still love and that somehow helped shaping your style or even your personality? i genuinely hope you get what i mean because otherwise this must sound really whacky, haha.


anyway, let's come to the outfit. these photos were taken last year but it's something i would still wear so who cares. i still have lots of older photos because i haven't been posting much over the last year... so here they are, finally!
and i always feel a bit weird wearing pink lipstick but sometimes i do it anyway, don't ask me why. 


earrings - accessorize / denim shirt - levi's/thrifted / the big apple shirt - urban outfitters / velvet leggings - h&m (children's section) / boots - doc martens