Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

i want you in the worst way, worst way

.... and i'm doing it again. being a horrible blogger. this time it was due to moving houses (i finally have my own place, yay!), i didn't have internet access until a few days ago. but now! 

the title's a line from red city radio's joy comes with the morning, such a freakin beautiful song, don't you think?


and this is the outfit! again, pretty old (like 2 years) but i'm almost done with all the old photos and you're going to get some brand new ones! btw, would anyone care to see photos of my new flat? i'm thinking about doing a room tour post or something like that, so let me know if you'd be interested (:

as always, if you like what you see, show me some love on lookbook!

 btw this is what i was reading at the time... amazing book, i love love love stephen king!!

sweater - urban outfitters 
shirt - present from mum, don't know where she got it
shorts - levi's - thrifted + diy 
tights - primark 
shoes - vans (my sister's)