Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

freedom, oh freedom that's just some people talking - FESTIVAL GIVEAWAY!

hey ho, beautiful people! 

can you believe it, i'm finally finished with all my finals, which means i'm baaaack! from now on i will be a better blogger, promise! first action i take in my life as a better blogger is the giveaway i've been promising for ages!

the festival season's just started, so i'm going to raffle some lovely festival-ish items in my next three or four posts, starting with this lovely hippie dress!

but first, here's the song from which the title is taken, my dad's a huge eagles fan so i've kinda grown up listening to them and i still think some of their songs are pretty amazing, especially on the hell freezes over live album!

so! WANT THE DRESS?! at a festival or just on a lovely summer day in the city, isn't this dress just lovely? i can hardly part from it, but i've been promising this giveaway forever and this is definitely for one of you! it's a size xs (you can see how it looks on me, i'm like 1,63m i think) and from a thrift shop (almost all of my festival giveaways are from there so i thought i might as well wear them to take photos so you can see how they look on a person since they've all been worn before anyway. they're all in very good condition though, otherwise i wouldn't have bought them!)
      to enter the giveaway you simply need to
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  • follow me on facebook
  • follow my tumblr (if you don't have a tumblr just write that in your comment)
  • write me a comment with your e-mail, blog-url and description of your dream-festival-outfit!

dress - thrifted
sandals - vagabond