Freitag, 7. September 2012


hello beautiful people!

here i go with another non-fashion post, i hope i'm not boring you too much with my private life, haha!
but some people have been asking me for photos of my south africa trip and of course i would love to share them with you since it was an amazing experience and i think i took some pretty cool photos :)

 the original lovecats!
 the indian ocean, sodwana bay
 one more cup of coffee for the road, haha. having a coffee to go at a petrol station
 view from our first apartment
 kruger park

 my sister and me

found this in my room in the second b&b
 the breakfast table in the same b&b (unfortunately i took the photo after breakfast, would have looked nicer with all the food instead of dirty dishes.. whatever)
 reading pet sematary, gotta love stephen king!
 aaand my beloved nintendo advance sp
 rachel & jambulani
 jambulani's dad, rambo
 our tree house in the bonamanzi game reserve
 well, a cactus. yeah.
 isn't this just adorable!?
 me and my sister sitting by the camp fire playing the guitar and singing
 bbq (braai)
 isn't this pretty?
 cutest thing on earth!

 no matter where i am, i'm always going to find cats and pet them!

 sneaky monkey stole our cocoa!

 uhm yeah.. just me radomly stroking a cheetah's head. no big deal.
 and me on the beach (sodwana bay)
 what a lovely breakfast (grilled sandwiches with cheese and tomato and chips)

 i don't really like this photo too much but it's me and a snake and therefore it's awesome. this has always been a big dream of mine, i've always loved snakes and they fascinate me so much and bla and now this dream finally came true so i just had to post this!


well yeah, i hope you liked the photos and i didn't bore you too much and all!

so long! 


  1. Hi dear, I really enjoyed this post, its so fascinating seeing SA from another persons view point. Love the cats, too cute. Did you do scuba diving in Sodwana? Great that you got to see much of the wildlife. The Braai is our national pastime! Your Kruger pics are amazing!

  2. oh wow.... you are soooo lucky, that trip looks really awesome.
    great photos and good sharing!

  3. these photos are really beautiful! it would be great!

  4. 1st I was so impressed with the elephant but then I fell in love with the lizard ;3

    xxx Lara

  5. amazing photos! i can't stop 'awww'ing at the cats and the elephants, they're so cute! x

  6. Omg, it seems like you had AWESOME time!! <3 I just sit and smile to screen <3 Beautiful photos ! :)

  7. These pictures are amazing, it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  8. Awesome photos, it looks like you had an amazing time! The B&B looks so cool and the cats at the beginning are adorable :) xx

  9. Thanks so much for replying! I appreciate your comment :) Hope you get some shopping done in Sandton (although our seasons are very different). I am following you too

  10. You're welcome for comment ! I really love the photos !

  11. aww thank you so much :) amazing blog! I love these pictures! xx

  12. These photos are amazing, especially the one of the lovecats. They're just too cute!

    Carmen Ri.

  13. Sorry for my incredabley late reply! No I haven't, is it interesting to watch? 'Cause I do appreciate a good movie when I see one.

    I discovered the poem whilst watching the film 'Beginners', I highly rate it, very simple and thoughtful.

    Thank you for your comment, always a pleasure

  14. Amazing trip in such an exotic place!

  15. thank you so much for your advice! i'm gonna leave my cat at home and my mum's friend will come across and feed him:)!

  16. really lovely pics , and i love the outfits :)

  17. loved these random pictures !Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u have time maybe u can check out my new post !

  18. great pics!!
    i love the place wher youtook those pics
    thanks for voting

  19. Fabulous pics!I like your blog so much.
    I follow you now.
    best wishes.

  20. what a phenomenal trip! Like the casual cool looks! and looks like you are having so much fun!

    FFF @New York Fashion Week

  21. thank u so much!
    these photos are amazing! would even be better if u chose another size to show us your photos, i would really like to see them in a bigger size :)
    greetings :*

  22. Amazing, I've always wanted to go there, it's beautiful! :)

  23. This looked like an amazing trip. I've never been to South Africa. It looks breathtaking and exciting.