Montag, 2. Januar 2012

hi, I'm poppy lee.

it's 2012, finally. like every year I have an interminable list of new year's resolutions, and one of them is starting a blog. ta-dah, here it is. COFFE, BOOKS & CITY LIGHTS. yeah, the title is sooo hipster, I know. but blogging itself is even more hipster, so I guess it's okay. 

I'm going to write a little bit about myself first, so you can decide whether my blog is worth being read or not. 
I live in hanover, germany and I'm a year 11 student. I have a passion for music, I play the guitar and the piano and sing in a band. I also write music. 
my favourite bands are nirvana, foo fighters, patti smith, the kooks, arctic monkeys, the wombats, bright eyes, william fitzsimmons, bob dylan, blind melon, florence and the machine, hole, janis joplin, rolling stones, joy division, libertines, lou reed, the velvet underground, the jim carroll band, razorlight and maaany more, if I listed them all here I'd be writing for years. 
I lived in england for some time, and I love traveling. some of my my favourite cities are new york city, seattle, london, liverpool, paris, berlin, glasgow and vancouver, I'd love to live in england or the usa after finishing school. 
Writing is also a passion of mine, I write poems, song lyrics and short stories, and I'm planning on writing a novel, I've had the idea for almost two years now and the storyboard's finished, I just need to start writing... I won't post any of it here though because it'll be in german, maybe I'll create another blog for it, let's see. I will definitely post some of my poetry here. 
I'm totally into beat poetry, I love allen ginsberg, william burroughs, jack kerouac, stuff like that. I also love the poems by patti smith, jim carroll, bertholt brecht and arthur rimbaud (I don't speak french unfortunately, so I read english translations. that's not the same as reading the originals of course, but I have a book with translations by paul schmidt and I think it's pretty good actually. I'd love to learn french though).
I love photographing and painting/drawing, anything creative actually. 

enough about myself now, let's come to the blog. I'll post some of my poetry - as I said before -, photography, anything to do with art, fashion and just random things that I like. like cats. or food. or eyeballs. 

with this in mind, 
happy new year everybody, 
I hope you enjoy my blog! 

poppy lee

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