Montag, 23. Januar 2012

h&m band shirts... cool or not!?

today I saw a pretty awesome michael jackson tee at h&m, and I've really wanted a michael jackson tee for years since I'm a big fan.. I didn't buy it though because soon probably half of the school will be wearing the same shirt and that isn't cool, is it!?
the same thing happens all the time: nirvana, the stones, the doors, the clash, jimi hendrix ... I would rate all those among my favourite bands, and I did buy some of the shirts but only in the men's section because not a lot of girls at my school wear men's shirts and the boys don't shop at h&m a lot.
but the girls' shirts - which are awesome, really! - are always worn by half of the girls at my school, often even by like 6 graders who don't even know the mouth with the toung sticking out on their shirts is the logo of a band. this really makes me wish h&m wouldn't even sell these shirts.
that's a luxury problem, I know! but still... what do you think? do you wear the h&m band shirts? I'd love to hear (read!) your opinion on this topic!

poppy lee


  1. I really enjoyed reading your Comment Poppy, thank you. I always love having things to read and I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts.

    I don't have the judgement to say whether or not you are a good teacher but sometimes I feel people don't give teachers enough credit as they don't get much money for trying to help us achive our goals and make our own money, I suppose it depends on the type of teacher.
    And this arts thing sounds exciting, do go into that industry!


  2. Love Love Love

    Love L

  3. i say cool, no one has to know where you got them!