Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

never for money, always for love

this look is sort of inspired by cheyenne - this must be the place, a movie that i've recently watched and thought it was really amazing.
it's one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and always find new details, stuff that you didn't notice before. i've watched it like three times now (i've had the dvd for 2 weeks)!
sean penn looks so cute with the robert smith-inspired make up and hair style, hehe! and cheyenne (the character he plays) is just adorable anyway.
the title of this post is a line from 'this must be the place' by the talking heads

the movie really got me into the talking heads. i new them before but i never really listened to their music because it was kind of too 80s-ish for me but now i really love it!
i can only repeat it - watch this movie, you won't regret it. it's amazing, promise!

now let's come to the look. i don't really like these photos but they're the only (best) ones i have of this outfit and i kinda like the outfit so please excuse my stupid poses and expressions.. and yeah, i actually love these shoes but they just do not look good on me. maybe they look ok if i wear them with tights but when i look at myself in these photos i just think 'omg my legs look just weird with these shoes and the jeans'. whatever. please ignore my stupid jabbering?

as always, a HYPE  would be highly appreciated! :)

belt - levi's, my granny found it in the hall of some building
leopard jeans - zara
wedges - vagabond



  1. film looks amazing im definately looking out for this. love your jeans and shoes :)

  2. Oh I see your bracalet, have you been at hurricane festival? I had to go, but last day I was in hospital so. Anyway I really like this outfit. Your pants are so lovely <3 honey, would you like to follow me back? I really care of your opinion.

  3. i'm ok, thank you for asking honey :) i just must to go to hospital from time to time :) ohhh which band did you enjoy the most?

  4. Talking Heads <3 <3 <3!!!

    Love your style too!! Keep up the good job, you got a follower :)

  5. oh wow! the leopard pants!!!!!!
    love it!!

    i'm following you so follow back plz! :)


  6. I love love love the talking heads! Such a cute outfit! Your gorgeous xo

  7. Loving this look, the pants are awesome !!!

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  8. Such a fun relaxed look but still it x

  9. I love your blog, you have amazing rock chic style :)

  10. I'm in love with you and your blog. A M A Z I N G.

    Follow me and hype on lookbook ;)

  11. Absolutely LOVE your pants!

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  12. Super cool blog, let's follow each other! Xx

  13. In love with your pants <3

    xxx Pauline

  14. Wie wär's mit "Ich FOLGE dir nun"? haha, danke! <3

  15. those jeans are AMAZING! you look great in them, love the look!


  16. nice pants! x

  17. Awesome pants! thanks for your lovely comment in my blog :) and yeah, you should start putting that folder together!

  18. Those jeans are gorgeous, love how you've styled then aswell!
    Thank you for your comment! xx

  19. I love yout jean !!!!

  20. awesome jeans!

  21. This is one of my favourite songs!

  22. Greaaaat pants! Paired animal printed pants with plain top is a good choice