Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012


hi again!

 some of my lovely followers have been asking me for more hurricane photos and of course i'd do (almost) everything for my followers!
i know it's not the kind of stuff i usually post and this kind of personal post will remain an exception since this is a fashion blog. still it's a bit of a lifestyle blog as well so i would really like to share these photos with you!

it was an amazing weekend with my best friend (check out her tumblr and our tumblr)! for those who haven't seen it yet, i've already posted one of my outfits, check it out and HYPE it if you like it, hehe!

we saw the cure, florence and the machine, the xx, mumford and sons, ed sheeran, blink 182, the kooks, noel gallagher's high flying birds, the shins, garbage, boy, frank turner and the sleeping souls, kakkmaddafakka, band of skulls, justice and kurt vile and the violaters and all of them were so cool!
unfortunately we missed hot water music, bombay bicycle club and la dispute, i would have loved to see them play as well but there will always be another chance :)

so here are the photos! i know some of them aren't that great but they're the best ones i have so i'll post them anyway. obviously we didn't take a fancy camera with us or anything so some of them were taken with a compact camera and others with my phone (iphone 3). so excuse the bad quality, haha!

 this is the top i've mentioned in this post, i love it to bits! what do you think?

 ed sheeran :)
 the xx!
 having breakfast :)
 my gorgeous best friend coco bean
 our tent, yay! rule, britannia!
 band of skulls!
 having lunch while listening to some amazing music <3

 florence <3

 i know this is a shit photo but it's the cure and therefore it's awesome! we stood quite in the back as you can see (although in the photos it looks worse than it actually was). anyway i would really really REALLY like to see them again and this time stand a little closer to the stage, they were so freakin awesome!
 kurt vile and the violaters, i didn't know them before and we basically saw them play because their gig was in a tent and it was raining like crazy but they were so cool! the music was amazing and kurt vile is really cute, hehe!
 kurt vile (:
 mudd party, yay!

have you been to any festivals this year yet? what bands have you seen? i'd love to hear from you!
your opinion on my photos would be awesome as well, of course! :)



  1. OMG your sun"guitar"glasses? One of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!

  2. wow sounds like fun! I loveeee band of skulls and florence so jealous you got to see both! :))
    rebecca x

  3. awesome pics, I really want to go to a festival <3

  4. sweet shades!!

  5. Thanks for the comment! I love music festivals, so cool that you got to see the Cure!


  6. How amazing is your shirt from first picture! <3

  7. AWwee so jealous you got to go!!


  8. thnks for visiting
    yours is great
    followed you on GFC
    Cool pics

  9. oh poppy ^_^ !!!!!!!
    the xx <3 florence<3
    you guys look amazing !

  10. Great you'd like to follow each other. I follow you, it's your turn now (:

  11. Some really great photos there! I'm so jealous that you got to see Florence and the Machine, I love her! xx

  12. awesome photos! ;))

  13. o god, why I wasn't on any festivals ? :((
    the xx ? omg ♥

  14. i am so jealous of this! looks like an incredible festival! so much good music :] xx

  15. great photos!
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    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  16. Looks like a great time, love your festival looks!!

    Xo Sahra

  17. oh yeah, such places are very sad :( i'm too emotional to visit such places so i've never been there :(. oh hamburg! i'm not going this weekend there cus i'm sick :(. fuck my life.

  18. I love these pictures, are that guitars on your glasses in the first picture? And I love Florence and The Cure! They both make amazing music

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  19. What a wonderful event! i love blink

    A chic kiss ;-)

  20. looks funn!!

  21. Hope you had fun!

  22. Looks like you had loads of fun...Love the top...Great photos, thanks for putting them up x

  23. Wow that festival looks awesome! Glad you had fun :)

  24. Fantastic, so jealous that you saw Florence! Would be great to follow each other :)

  25. of course that I want follow u!
    Follow me back!

  26. Your top is fucking awesome!

  27. wow cool photos, festivals are cool but you must know what to wear to them , and you know it! / im new fallower

  28. I want to have festivals like this in my country and see amazings bands .

  29. Oh my god, Floreeeence! I saw her at Rock Werchter (Belgium). She's just so amazing!
    Nice pictures

    x Charlotte

  30. DUDE! How rad are your guitar glasses. Love it.That concert looks so great. Sooo many amazing bands.