Montag, 13. Januar 2014

playing for the high one, dancing with the devil

hey ho (:

the title is from motörheads's ace of spades - amazing song!! love the lyrics, and the song kind of reminds me of cook from skins (gen 2) because he sings it all the time and i love him, haha.

 and this is the outfit. again, pretty old, when my hair was still long. and those sunglasses broke which i'm soo sad about!!
as always, check out my lookbook and show me some love if you feel like it, hehe (:

sunglasses - ray ban 
t-shirt - urban outfitters 
leather jacket - mango 
belt - thrifted 
jeans - primark
boots - dr martens



  1. I used to listen to Motorhead a lot when I was little. Back when there were only cassette tapes :D Freakin love the look, especially the boots O_O

  2. you have awesome style, i love it!!

  3. Love those glasses,too bad it broke. Fierce look.

  4. love your docs! :*

  5. The power of Docs! The best boots, ever. Diggin' your look!
    xx. Jillian
    Boyish Chic on

  6. I love your hair! This outfit looks so chic on you :)

    Just found your blog, btw. I really like your style! I'm now following you on GFC and Lookbook.

    xo Azu

  7. You have the most gorgeous green eyes, lil one. Always focus them on Seventh-Heaven where you're going because I love you. God bless you.